Fin de la refonte biométrique des listes électorales

Les inscriptions sur les listes électorales ont effectivement pris fin le 29 mars dernier, après un premier report. L’objectif de 7.000.000 d’inscris, fixé par Election’s Cameroon, l’organe en charge des élections au Cameroun n’a pas été  atteint. Toutefois, Elecam se félicite de la forte participation des femmes à ce processus de refonte biométrique.


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Sensibilisation en image marché Mfoundi à Yaoundé


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Observing Campaign Expenses in Cameroon

The Republic of Cameroon is a multiparty presidential regime which is structured on the French model. Under this model, power is distributed among the President who is the Head of State, the Prime Minister, the head of government and the Cabinet ministers. Democratic transformation began in Cameroon in 1990, at the end of the Cold War and following the arrest of the former chairman of the Cameroon Bar Association, Yondo Black, and nine of his associates who attempted to set up a new political party. The subsequent trial before a military tribunal and accompanying reports in the private press accelerated the democratization process, as did the founding of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) in the English-speaking part of the country. Universal suffrage and the right to campaign for election are provided by the constitution to every citizen.

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Corruption au Cameroun


Victime ou témoin de corruption au Cameroun ? Contactez le CAJAC.


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